Global Catering Service expands presence in UAE
27 October, 2016

GCS News

Global Catering Service (GCS) has announced plans to open 19 global restaurant brands in Abu Dhabi in the first quarter of 2015. The new restaurants will open in areas that include Abu Dhabi Gate, Bain Al Gisrain, Al Reef, and Khalifa City. The expansion is the first step in the group’s strategy to extend operations throughout the region.

Alaa Abu Al Soud, GCS operations manager identified the UAE market as a popular target for investment in the sector. He explains that investors are attracted by the country’s stable economy, high consumer sentiment and socio-economic stability.

The operations manager adds that consumer rates in the UAE have remained high, projections predicting growth of 32% to nearly $11.1bn in 2018 from $8.4bn in 2014. He also expects the per capita consumption of foodstuffs in the UAE to rise by 3.9% to $898.7 in 2014.

Commenting on GCS’ expansion, he explained, “We have plans to push deeper into Dubai’s market following the opening of Mira Al Sham sweets factory and Diwan Al Muhana Restaurant…we are also considering investing in entertainment inside and outside the UAE by setting up recreation and sport clubs as they are in high demand.”